Supported Living

Supported living is used to describe a situation where you have help in living independently at home. This living arrangement varies from one individual to another. In most cases, it may be described as living alone in your own property with support from your staff. In other cases, it may be that you are living with others in shared accommodation.



Any adult aged 17 or above with a learning disability, autism or mental health difficulty who requires housing and support within either a single or clustered unit. In some cases, we may also be able to provide support within your privately owned or rented property. In this case, a minimum of 8 hours of clustered support may be required per day, to ensure we can offer you a quality service. Please call us for more information.


Service description

We work in conjunction with local housing providers in finding a property people can call their own. Our services are provided within these homes with a goal of moving people on to be as independent as possible with a view to either maintaining their current level of support or reducing it as their independence increases. Depending on strengths, we engage individuals using our services in daily activities such as getting dressed, cooking, budgeting, maintaining meaningful relationships and finding gainful employment.


Person-centred support

Support provision is based on individual needs. Most daily needs may only require a few hours of support while others may require longer hours of support. Typically, most common areas of support include:

  • Assistance with personal care
  • Support with housework, cooking and cleaning
  • Support with shopping and managing money
  • Assistance with medication administration and attending appointments
  • Support with finding work, going to work or a place of education
  • Accessing community opportunities, attending social events and engaging with personal hobbies