Respite and Transition

Our innovative THIS service offers young care leavers or those transitioning into adult care to live in one of our locations and experience living successfully within a supported living environment or being independent within own space towards achieving full independence.

We have identified that there is a need for a  mode of provision offered solely as a move-on service. We are therefore looking to further invest in properties that will enable us offer “THIS” fantastic opportunity, which aims to promote a taste for living independently to young adults and care leavers as they move into adult care provisioning. We believe that supported living is the move on service from a residential and we want to be able to provide a further step-down service to increase maximum independence and community presence. This service is currently available at one of our locations in Littleport, Cambridgeshire. The program is however being expanded we are aiming to tailor support for “THIS” service within a bespoke transition and respite service.


This bespoke service allows stays of up to 6 months with focused programs all geared towards preparing the occupant for living independently. Programs offered will usually include key life skills such as budgeting, learning how to cook basic meals, independent personal care and grooming, using public transport, skills for employability and further education and many more. As we are all individually different, programs offered can also be tailored to suit individual requirements. Referral to this program is usually through the local authority but may also be suitable for privately funded individuals. Please enquire for more information.